Power Conditioners

Powervar Power Conditioner

POWERVAR power conditioners incorporate a low-impedance isolation transformer limiting peak voltage (amplitude) & edge-speed (frequency) of electrical transients, a surge diverter, and a noise filter. These power conditioners feature a unique grounding methodology, where neutral and ground are safely and legally bonded at the secondary, creating a noise-free power environment, suitable for replacing dedicated isolated grounded circuits.

Let-through voltage is <10 volts normal-mode (L-N) and < 0.5 volts common-mode (N-G) when tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41

POWERVAR power conditioners come with a 5-year warranty.

POWEVAR Standard Power Conditioner

With low-impedance isolation transformers, protects sensitive equipment from the biggest problem for today’s computers: common-mode N-G voltage. 


Also eliminates AC line noise, spikes, and transients. Prevents hardware destruction, component degradation, and operational disruption.


Red flashing LED warns if the AC outlet is missing its input safety ground.


All North American models have UL and cUL listings.

120V sizes range from 78VA - 2400VA (0.65 - 20 Amps)

model:              Part #:     output rating:

ABC065-11                      61008-01GR                                0.65 A, 78VA
ABC100-11                   61012-01GR                                1.0 A, 120VA
ABC150-11                       61018-01GR                                1.5 A, 180VA
ABC201-11                      61024-01GR                                2.0 A, 240VA

ABC302-11                      61036-02GR                                3.0 A, 360VA
ABC402-11                      61048-02GR                                4.0 A, 480VA
ABC500-11                      61060-03GR                                5.0 A, 600VA
ABC600-11                      61072-03GR                                6.0 A, 720VA
ABC700-11                   61084-03GR                                7.0 A, 840VA
ABC830-11                     61100-03GR                              8.3 A, 1000VA

ABC1000-11                  61120-03GR                            10.0 A, 1200VA

ABC1200-11                   61144-03GR                            12.0 A, 1440VA

ABC1600-11                   61192-04GR                            16.0 A, 1920VA

ABC2000-11                  61240-07GR                            20.0 A, 2400VA

Medical-grade power conditioner

For use with medical systems requiring conformance with UL60601 and IEC60601. Medical systems used within the "patient vicinity" require special safety precautions which POWERVAR medical-grade conditioners meet.  


Listed to 60601-1 (UL, cUL, & IEC), these models reduce connected equipment leakage current to less than 300 amps 120V sizes range from 240VA - 1920VA (2 - 16 Amps) with hospital-grade plugs and receptacles.

model:                  Part #:   output rating:

ABC200-11med                  93049-13R                                      2.0 A, 240VA
ABC300-11med               93050-13R                                      3.0 A, 360VA
ABC400-11med                  93051-13R                                      4.0 A, 480VA
ABC500-11med                 93060-13R                                      5.0 A, 600VA

ABC600-11med                  93072-13R                                      6.0 A, 720VA
ABC700-11med                  93084-13R                                      7.0 A, 840VA
ABC830-11Med                  93100-13R                                    8.3 A, 1000VA
ABC1000-11med               93120-13R                                  10.0 A, 1200VA
ABC1200-11med               93144-13R                                  12.0 A, 1440VA
ABC1600-11MED               93192-14R                                  16.0 A, 1920VA

Powervar Hardwied Power Conditioner

model:                                output rating:

ABC10.0-xxd20y                                                       10 kVA
ABC15.0-xxd20y                                                   15 kVA
ABC20.0-xxd20y                                                      20 kVA
ABC25.0-xxd20y                                                     25 kVA

ABC30.0-xxd20y                                                      30 kVA
ABC35.0-xxd20y                                                      35 kVA
ABC45.0-xxd20y                                                      45 kVA
ABC55.0-xxd20y                                                      55 kVA
ABC65.0-xxd20y                                                   65 kVA
ABC75.0-xxd20y                                                     75 kVA

ABC85.0-xxd20y                                                     85 kVA

ABC100.0-xxd20y                                                100 kVA

For electronic systems operating in an industrial environment. Protects PLCs, CNCs, robotics, and computer systems from AC line noise caused by nearby loads. 


Under demanding factory conditions, these models provide clean, conditioned power your equipment needs for trouble-free operation which translates into less downtime and higher productivity.


Each conditioner combines a surge diverter, isolation transformer, and power line filter to effectively eliminate a range of power quality viruses.


120V product sizes range from 180VA-1440VA and include UL and cUL listings.

model:                Part #:     output rating:

ABC150-11HW                     61018-40R                                        1.5A, 180VA
ABC201-11HW                  61024-40R                                        2.0A, 240VA
ABC302-11HW                    61036-40R                                        3.0A, 360VA
ABC500-11HW                   61060-40R                                        5.0A, 600VA

ABC700-11HW                    61084-40R                                        7.0A, 840VA
ABC1000-11HW                 61120-40R                                     10.0A,1200VA
ABC1200-11HW                 61144-40R                                     12.0A,1440VA

Power Conditioner
Single-Phase Power Conditioner

For use with small to mid-range computers and other larger electronic equipment. Isolation transformer and noise filter protects systems from problems caused by power disturbances.


Provides clean power at 120, 208 or 240 V for loads up to 40 amps (2.0 - 9.6kVA).


Dual-output models protect both high-voltage systems and low-voltage peripherals at less expense than two separate conditioners.


Hardwired and line cord/receptacle models are available. 

model:              Part #:     output rating:

ABC2000-2S                   95083-XXR                                2000VA
ABC3000-11                 95241-XXR                                3000VA-120V
ABC3000-2S                   95125-XXR                                3000VA-240V
ABC3800-11                    95316-XXR                                3800VA-120V

ABC3800-2S                   95158-XXR                                3800VA-240V
ABC5000-2S                   95208-XXR                                5000VA
ABC5800-2S                   95240-XXR                                5800VA
ABC6030-2S                    95250-01R                                6000VA
ABC10I-23                        95417-XXR                                9600VA

GPI Series 2000 Three-phase power conditioner

The GPI Series 2000 provides clean, noise-free power to 3-phase systems used in a range of industries.  


Standard equipment includes safety interlocks, emergency machine off (EMO), casters, and lockout/tagout breaker.  


GPI Series 2000 models with SEMI S2-0200 compliance are also available.

For global applications - 50 and 60 Hz - 208/240/480V sizes range from 10kVA - 300kVA.

GPI Series B Power Conditioner

The Global Power Interface (GPI) Series B Power Conditioners incorporate a low-impedance isolation transformer, as well as a surge diverter and power line filter to eliminate noise, spikes, and transients before they have a chance to damage your equipment.

Designed specifically to be built into your equipment, they are designed to meet clean power needs of the OEM worldwide and can be used in: electronics equipment, computer systems, kiosks, and industrial machinery. 


AC Input Voltage 100-240V, 50 or 60 Hz, and converts to 120V or 240V; sizes range from 500VA-3000VA.

model:                Part #:     output rating:

ABC500-91BUI                  97042-02R                              4.2A, 500VA-120V
ABC1000-91BUI             97083-02R                            8.3A, 1000VA-120V
ABC1500-91BUI                97125-02R                          12.5A, 1500VA-120V
ABC2000-91BUI              97166-02R                          16.7A, 2000VA-120V

ABC3000-91BUI               97250-02R                          25.0A, 3000VA​-120V
ABC500-92BUI                  97042-03R                              2.1A, 500VA-240V
ABC1000-92BUI              97083-03R                             4.2A, 1000VA-240V
ABC1500-92BUI               97125-03R                            6.3A, 1500VA-240V
ABC2000-92BUI              97166-03R                            8.3A, 2000VA-240V
ABC3000-92BUI              97250-03R                          12.5A, 3000VA-240V

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