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Rx Monitoring Services

RX Monitoring Services
Rx Monitoring Services is a recognized leader in monitoring power quality, temperature, humidity, and air purity. 
This service provides remote power quality analysis surveys, followed up with comprehensive reports.
By outsourcing site monitoring to RxMS, unbiased advice and solutions are guaranteed.


RX Monitoring Services (RxMS) can remotely test a site's power and environmental conditions prior to equipment installation or whenever a problem is suspected. In the past, site power checks were administered exclusively by a specially trained technician. Such a visit is expensive and time-consuming. RxMS tests are easily set up by personnel at any skill level.


RxMS offers the Automated Site Assistance Program (ASAP) for those who need an automated method for their initial site inspection and documentation process. RxMS offers an advanced electronic monitoring system that measures electrical power and ground quality, temperature, humidity, vibration, air purity, DC voltage, and more in accordance with environmental requirements.


Using Remote Processing Technology (RPT) developed by RxMS engineers, data is gathered at your site, downloaded to a central computer at RxMS, evaluated for specific site conditions and, typically within 24 hours, compiled into a report. The report includes a comprehensive analysis of the data recorded, an easy to read executive summary, and a recommendation of any action that may be needed. This service fits in ideally with ISO 9000 quality procedures--fully documenting the conditions of the site at the initial installation, and clearly notifies you of any deviations from system requirements. Fast, accurate, economical, easy to use makes this service ideal.

No Capital Equipment Expense


Worldwide Next Day Shipping


Choice of Service Programs--

All Logistics Included!

Accurate, Efficient, Easy to Install
Power & Environmental Monitors
Comprehensive Reports with Prescribed Solutions

RxMS can be obtained as a one time test, or as a long-term commitment for those organizations needing many tests at different sites over time. 


RxMS maintains an extensive list of electronic equipment and their environmental requirements. Contact us to determine how your equipment can be included in our listing.

Normal Service Includes:

Rx-1 Single phase power only


Rx-2 Dual phase power plus temperature & 2 DC channels (humidity optional)


Rx-3 Three phase power plus neutral (power only)


Rx-4 Three phase power plus neutral & temperature (humidity optional)

RX Monitoring Services
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