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UPS Connectivity 


SNMP/WEB & MODBUS Management Products

ManageUPS NET Adapters provide an open approach to management of network power. They provide a complete set of manageability options including WEB, Telnet, Modbus/Jbus, event and data logging, Blue Bus for environment sensors, and full featured SNMP agents for UPS and Environment Sensors.


Event messages are offered as email as well as SNMP Traps--a truly versatile tool for managing UPS systems in a network environment.


ManageUPS NET Adapters are specialized micro-computers with embedded software engineered for managing UPS and environment in networked applications. VP & P Series are third generation hardware platforms.


These products replace and supercede earlier products marketed as ManageUPS-II.

Full Featured Management Adapters for UPS & Environment

ManageUPS NET P Series adapters provide: 

  • Embedded WEB server for configuration and information access 

  • SNMP agents for UPS and environment sensor 

  • Data/event logging, e-mail event messaging 

  • Network Shutdown Controller 

  • DHCP client for automatic configuration 

  • FTP server for network update of firmware and configuration files via ManageUPS DCU 


Environment sensor and/or MODBUS Server (slave) options can be ordered in the packages below, or added later in the field.

ManagEUPS Net Adapter +E 
Environmental Sensor Option

ManageUPS +E models includes 1 Environment Sensor module and 5 meter Blue Bus cable. Additional sensors can be added to cover multiple zones. Additional sensors are sold separately.

ManagEUPS Net Adapter +B 

ManageUPS +B simplifies integration of POWERVAR UPS systems with Building Monitoring and Automation Systems via MODBUS RTU, MODBUS/TCP or JBUS protocols.


SNMP/WEB Management Adapters for Single Phase UPS


The VP Series is designed for low-power UPS applications that do not require Environment Monitoring or MODBUS RTU options.


In all other aspects, the VP Series provides the same functions as the full-featured P Series; SNMP/WEB, data/event logging, e-mail event messaging, network shutdown controller, DHCP configuration and network update of firmware and configuration files via ManageUPS DCU.


VP Series hardware platform is limited to ethernet-only connectivity. 


Software for Simplified Configuration & Firmware Maintenance

A tool to simplify installation and configuration of ManageUPS Adapters.


ManageUPS DCU software will discover adapters connected to LAN or WAN and keep an inventory list of discovered adapters for easy navigation.


List entries expand to offer quick links to key configuration pages -- or, link to each adapter main WEB page for full navigation. Integrated file upload utility enables 1-step firmware update for all adapters in the inventory.


ManageUPS DCU helps simplify initial configuration and ongoing management of ManageUPS adapters. DCU can be used with ManageUPS P and VP Series adapters as well as with 2nd and 1st generation adapters ("Legacy") ManageUPS adapters.


DCU installs on a Windows computer (Windows 2000, XP, and 2003, 2008, and Windows 7). The simplified networking functions of ManageUPS adapters and DCU allow you to deploy adapters to remote locations first and configure them later via the network link.

Centralized Management Software  

ManageUPS CIO is software that provides a central monitoring and management system for critical infrastructure distributed within a building, campus or wide area network environment. Designed specifically for fast relevance for facilities or IT operations managers. 

Alarm monitoring and asset management for remote site and distributed UPS installations.

For Applications That Require Isolated Dry Contacts 

An auxiliary interface card which provides system status indication via isolated volt-free relay (dry) contact signals. These signal types are used in specific applications where RS232 serial or network TCPIP communications are not supported or appropriate.

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