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Purifier Basics

Quatro purifiers use a three stage filter system:


  • 1st stage - 30%  Ashrae pleated filter


  • 2nd stage - 65%  Ashrae deep bed particulate filter


  • 3rd stage - 99.97%  deep bed HEPA filter

Typically, the area between the press and prepress rooms is an extremely high traffic area and as a result, particles are induced from the press room into the prepress area. 

To address this constant influx of particulate matter, a greater quantity of air exchanges is required to keep up with this ingression and maintain a relatively dust free environment. Quatro purifiers each contain an easy-to-read control panel to clearly indicate when filters need replacement.


Air exchange defines the number of times per hour that a room's total air is drawn through the purifier. Typically, the higher the number of hourly exchanges, the lower the dust contamination level. As the air filters accumulate dust, the air flowing through the air filters decreases due to the restrictions in airflow. This decrease in airflow can negatively affect the hourly air exchanges to a point where the target dust levels cannot be maintained.

Airflow patterns are extremely important when selecting and positioning a purifier in a room. During installation of a standalone room air purifier it is important to remove any obstacles that might impede the air from exiting the top of the air purifier, traveling along its targeted route, and returning to the bottom of the air purifier. The ideal positioning of a standalone room air purifier is against a wall with the airflow from its exhaust grills directed towards an opposing wall.

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