All systems experience both hard and soft failures. Studies have shown that up to 80% of these failures are related to AC power quality. Soft failures, like lock-ups and error messages, can be hard to identify. While a UPS provides battery backup during power outages, such outages account for less than 1% of failures.

What about the other 99%?

What protection is the UPS providing when the lights are on?

Is it truly conditioning the power, or is it merely responding to spikes and surges by “clamping and suppressing”? 

If they’re “clamping,” that means they have to respond to the event. Once there is a “response time,” the UPS let something get through. 

By suppressing, it means the UPS reduced the high voltage event to a lower level.


The big question: how low is the "let-through" voltage of the device?  learn morE

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