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The Power Probe is a vital tool for diagnosing power problems on site in a timely manner.  Power contamination becomes evident and a visual illustration is displayed to show your customers.  The suspected electrical culprit can be found and eliminated.


Power contamination inevitably results in hardware and software failures including power supplies, hard disks, integrated circuitry, data and logic corruption, and mysterious unexplained reasons for disruption.  Use of the Power Probe can expose contamination so that preventative measures can be taken to protect the electronics from costly repairs.


POWERVAR Power Probe—A better way to diagnose and treat power quality problems. This tool makes it easy for your power specialist or service technicians to precisely diagnose the noise and spikes on your AC power line. Once your POWERVAR conditioning equipment has been installed, the probe will confirm that the conditioner is working and your power is clean.


  • Probe measures the amount of noise on the line and sends it to the oscilloscope for display
  • Operator can easily examine both normal and common-mode voltages
  • Built-in isolation reduces power signals to a safe level, to eliminate any risk of shock

Power Probe Model PP115

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