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The ONEAC 6-DP, 6-AP, 6-AD, and 6-DC Communication Line Protectors for 66-Block have been discontinued and replaced by the next-generation POWERVAR N6-27-BLK-2 Communication Line Protector.



POWERVAR's next generation communication line protectors (CLP) eliminates harmful transient voltages that other protectors miss. 
The Next Generation CLP provides longer lasting protection your system requires to function as it was designed. 
Our Next Generation CLP's robust design will better withstand repeated voltage surges. 
Self-resetting sneak current protection eliminates the cost and downtime of replacement due to nuisance fuse failures.


Old ONEAC Primary/Secondary Protectors for 66 Block

6-DP:  Digital Phones, ISDN

6-AP:  Analog Service

6-AD:  ADSL Service

6-DC:  Digital Carrier

Powervar N6-27-BLK-2

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